We Provide Equipment & Service to patients through health insurance, private pay rentals/purchases, and to Facilities and Hospice Providers!
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Services provided 

  • Free training to patients & care teams on all products

  • Timely delivery of equipment as allowed by your insurance

  • Personalized service catered toward your needs

  • Over 25 years of clinical experience & support either in person, or by phone/text/email

Our range of medical equipment/service includes:
  • Sleep Therapy

    • CPAP​

    • Bilevel

    • ASV

    • eXciteOSA(daytime treatment for mild sleep apnea & snoring)

    • PAP Supplies

  • Non-invasive Ventilator

    • Trilogy​

    • Astral

  • Home Oxygen

    • Stationary Concentrators ​

    • Portable Oxygen Concentrators

    • Homefill System

    • Portable Oxygen Tanks

  • Nebulizers

Call w/ any questions or if what you are looking for is not listed...